OOC Guide to Card/Dice Games!

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All games are credited to Facilis. Bunnie only did the formatting!

Cards Upon The Musarde

A card game that is played blackjack-style.

Players bet, then roll 2d12.
Dealer rolls 1d12 twice, yet keeps one hidden.
Players bet another round, then roll one - two d6.
Players lose if their total exceeds 30
If the dealer ends with a higher number than them.

⁍ If players desire to roll, they must raise. They get a total of three rolls after the initial 2d12.
⁍ Each round is roleplayed as another card being revealed by the dealer.
⁍ Different scores are equivalent to different hands, shown below and on the forum page;

1-10: Pups
11-15: Weeping Moon
16-19: Nightshade
20-24: Wolf Pack
25-29: House of Beasts
30: Musarde!

Loup Garou

A game of chase, but using dice!

Dealer pulls out a long table, with rolling 'hills'.
Players throw a d20 along the table.
The 'wolf' gets brought out after two rounds.
If playing with three or more players, at the second round, the lowest score gets 'killed'.
The player who gets the furthest to the back wins.

⁍ Players may attempt to trip after their turn by rolling a separate d20.
If the score is lower than 5, they’ll instead get their points docked 5 points.
Players who succeed at tripping lower their opponents score by 10.
⁍ Players may also attempt to catch-up after all have rolled.
They do so by rolling a d20, but if the score is lower than 5, they are 'killed'.

Savant's Gamble

Players start with 5 cards. (5d12)
Dealer 'rolls' a d12 to start off.
Players can make any combination with both their hand and the dealer’s hand
Full House, Straight, Flush, Royal Flush, etc.
Rounds go as follows:
Dealer shows card (d12 roll) Raise, fold, or pass.
Dealer shows card (d12 roll) Raise, fold, or pass.
Dealer shows card (d12 roll) Raise, fold, or pass.

⁍ 10-12 are royals, 10 Jack, 11 Queen, 12 King

The Lumberjack's Hustle

Dealer starts the game off by flipping a coin.
Heads means the dealer starts, tails the tables or his opponents choice of who rolls first.
If they are exactly the same, then we continue rolling until a winner is called.
Bets made.
Dealer rolls 4d6 along a table.
Look at dice, roll again if the same.
Continue until a winner is named.

⁍ Bets are whether or not they believe the dice will have more odds or evens.